Program Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Eric Lloyd Pruitt and James White

Committee Vice-Chair: Meagan E. Leary and Jenna Vick Unell

Ex Officio/Executive Committee Liaison: Joyce L. Elden


The Program Committee is appointed annually by the President, and minimum of half its members are appointed from Fellows who are neither officers nor members of the Board of Regents. The Committee plans and carries carrying out the College's continuing legal education programs, including the program to be presented at the next scheduled annual meeting, as authorized and directed by the
Board of Regents. While developing the program, the Committee gives due considerations to the different kinds of law practiced by the Fellows, current and impending legislative and regulatory changes, and changing practices of such lenders in respect to their real estate financing and related real estate investment activities.

The Committee also qualifies the program or continuing legal education (CLEs) credit for those Fellows whose State Bars have continuing education requirements; develops topics and selects and arranges for qualified speakers; and makes recommendations to the Board of Regents for improvement and further development of the College's CLE activities.