Membership Development & Engagement: Diversity Subcommittee

 Committee Chair: Andrew F. Palmieri

Mission Statement

In 2018, the American College of Mortgage Attorneys (“ACMA”) adopted a branding moniker of “Partner with the Best.” Indeed, ACMA’s vision is to foster a collegial environment in which pre-eminent commercial finance attorneys, both private practice and in-house counsel, may convene to share thought-leadership on issues affecting real estate finance and establish trustworthy, national business networks. 

To fully-realize ACMA’s vision and implement ACMA’s 2018 Strategic Plan, ACMA is committed to expanding its industry-wide appeal to attract and retain a diverse membership base that reflects the communities in which its fellows serve.  Diversity encompasses many classifications: race, gender, ethnicity, orientation, age, disability, geography, industry-specialization and representation, to name just a few.  Populating the college with diverse perspectives enhances the level of thought-leadership and extends ACMA’s hospitality across a cultural spectrum that will ensure that members of ACMA will continue to be the best attorneys with whom to partner for the future.

The Diversity Subcommittee of the Membership Development Committee is tasked with creating new and innovative methods to identify, attract, recruit and retain diverse candidates for fellowship in ACMA.